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2 Scats @  2 Air cammanders lost and lonely somewhere in Alaska!

These Hovercraft have been used and abused, and still one even runs! Can you guess which one?

For out of state hovercraft, most of these hovercraft are priced to deliver to the port of Anchorage

More bad news, can't tell anyone where they are and besides they are not for sale!

So this may be the last ya see or hear of them!

Hovercraft for Sale

This area of the website is being developed for those of you who are building, or who are thinking of building. This page is also for those of you getting out of the hovercraft arena for a while and want to sell off hovercraft paraphernalia locally. For other issues related to this page, please use the forum area in this site. It allows you relate your personal experience, so others may be aware of do’s and don’ts when building their machines. Keep in mind that there are now eight more Sevtec's and Universal hovercraft being built here at the present time. Also, there are Scats and Neoteric hovercraft being resurrected. There are a few Mavericks and other Alaskan hovercraft out there that need help as well.

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Hovercraft for sale Hampshire England

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